Tuesday, April 10, 2012

NBA scores and Dallas Mavericks & Lamar Odom: 4/10, Vol. 117, 1st Edition

Count on me through thick and thin, a friendship that will never end. When you are weak, I will be strong, helping you to carry on, call on me, I will be there, don't be afraid because you can count on the Lord! Good morning and welcome back to your Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema Gospel Radio better than when you heard it yesterday, I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y!  Le’ Go!!

The National Basketball Association was balling last night with ten games on the hard court as teams are getting down to the nitty gritty to claim their playoff spot starting with the Indiana Pacers crushing the Toronto Raptors 103-98 as Danny Granger and George Hill each netted 18 points, the Orlando Magic didn’t have Dwight Howard but Jason Richardson said mama I got ‘dis as he picked, popped and punished the Detroit Pistons with six three’s ended with a game high of 22 points as the Magic Men dominated the Motor City Pistons 119-89, coming into the Washington Wizards game against the Charlotte Bobcats, both teams combined for only 19 wins, ouch, and in the usual customary fashion, the Bobcats did what they did best all season and lost by getting demolished by the Wizards 113-85 with 20 points from Jordan Crawford, the LA Lakers managed a rare road with without Kobe Bryant and defeated the New Orleans Hornets 93-91 as Pau Gasol came up huge with 25 points, the Oklahoma City Thunder pounced the Milwaukee Bucks 109-89 with 26 points from Russell Westbrook, while the Memphis Grizzlies knocked off the Lob City Clippers 94-85 as the other Gasol, Mark scored 18 points, the Denver Nuggets literally spanked and sent the Golden State Warriors on to their next opponent 123-84 as Kenneth Faried was a beast with 27 points and 17 big boy rebounds, the Phoenix Suns blasted the Minnesota Timberwolves 114-92 with 21 points from Markieff Morris, the San Antonio Spurs rested Tim Duncan, Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili as they took on the Utah Jazz who did not rest and secured the win 91-84 as Devin Harris had a game high of 25 points and the Houston Rockets continue to solidify their playoff spot as they got past the Portland Trailblazers 94-89 as Goran Dragic poured in 22 points.
In sporting news, it has come to the end of a bumpy road for Dallas Mavericks Lamar Odom.  Odom, who was originally included in the trade that was going to send Chris Paul of the New Orleans Hornets at the time to the LA Lakers and Odom to the Hornets, which of course that trade was nixed by NBA Commissioner David Stern, Odom, obviously hurt by the potential trade, then wanted to be traded.  So the Lakers traded their reigning Sixth Man of the Year to the Mavericks and it downhill from there.  Odom, who not only struggled to find his role with the Mavericks, but also had personal struggles, had career lows in points, rebounds, minutes played and shooting percentage and the Mavericks President of Basketball Operations stated “Lamar hasn't performed like he wants to perform and is capable of performing and at this point, we need to be able to count on some things and we just need to move on.”  The Mavericks listed Odom as inactive instead of releasing him and still could trade him after the season in conjunction with the draft.  As Odom made his departure, he released a statement to ESPN.com saying “I'm sorry that things didn't work out better for both of us, but I wish the Mavs' organization, my teammates and Dallas fans nothing but continued success in the defense of their championship.”

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