Tuesday, May 15, 2012

CEEJAY's Commentary Corner: The 'State' of The BCU Marching Wildcats With The Suspension of the Marching 100

Welcome to your Spiritual Sports Segment, the very first C.E.E.J.A.Y.'s Commentary Corner on The 'State' of BCU Marching Wildcats With The Suspension of the Marching 100.

Marching 100 Suspended
As news broke  yesterday that Dr. James Ammons, President of Florida A&M University, suspended the world famous Marching 100 through the 2012-13 academic year, stating "I think there is a period we should take that these measures are in place and we have addressed all the institutional issues.”  With the suspension, it has, in my opinion created a tremendous amount of wonder in the minds of those associated with FAMU and Bethune Cookman University concerning how the annual Florida Classic football game played in Orlando, FL will ‘play’ out….particularly on the field during the halftime show.  Here are my perspective thoughts on the future of the Marching 100’s rival program:

Marching Wildcats of
Bethune Cookman University
With the aftermath of the Marching 100 being suspended, I guarantee that one or two scenarios will play out and one being to the benefit of the Marching Wildcats.  First, I believe the most viable conclusion is that the Marching Wildcats will be awarded additional off the field performances that may have gone to the Marching 100 due to the suspension.  In addition, once they are re-instated, BCU will continue to receive off the field performances for years to come because corporations will want to stay away from a toxic program on the mend.  The second scenario that could play out is the Marching Wildcats could suffer the repercussions of the Marching 100's suspension and corporations will stay away from not only the Marching Wildcats program, but all HBCU marching band programs for fear of the same culture being established at the schools, just not yet uncovered.  However comma I firmly believe the Marching Wildcats will prevail in the first scenario as Director of Bands, Donovan V. Wells along with his phenomenal leadership staff, will continue to lead the Marching Wildcats with discipline and a vision that is focused on nothing shy of excellence in all they do.

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