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Father's Day Reflection Commentary

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Father's Day 2012
Today many will celebrate the men in their lives, not only in the United States, but also in Dominica, Puerto Rico, Zimbabwe, Haiti, Jamaica, Mexico, Chile and France just to name few and many other countries will celebrate on different days, such as Australia, Italy and Spain. Thanks to Sonora Smart Dodd, who is the originator of Father’s Day created to celebrate her single parent father, William Smart Jackson, a Civil War veteran in 1910.  Although Dodd’s idea didn’t initially take off, it was many years later that the country as a whole would embrace the day that complemented Mother’s Day. Dodd had the help of trade groups that manufactured ties, tobacco pipes and any other traditional gifts that a man would receive….hence, some father’s closets loaded with ties that do not match any piece of wardrobe they have.  However comma I digress and with many conversations, oppositions and different positions, Father’s Day was signed into law in 1972 by President Richard Nixon, thus making this Father’s Day the 40th Anniversary of the holiday. 

There will be a plethora of kids, young and old, that will not celebrate Father’s Day with their father since he was not an integral part of their lives.  With that said, if you fathered a child, I urge, implore and encourage you to become a meaningful and positive force in your child’s life.  He or she or perhaps even they, need you.  There will be some who will not celebrate physically with their father because he has made the transition and there will be some who will celebrate other men who became father figures in their lives.

For many years, twenty-two to be exact, I had not celebrated Father’s Day as had twenty-two years ago.  Not because my father wasn’t a meaningful and positive force in my life, because he was that and so much more, not because he stop caring for me due to other obligations, but because he made the transition on Friday, April 13, 1990. Although that was twenty-two years ago, I still cherish all the memories, life lessons and the love that he had and still has for me.   My father was called home while I was at the tender age of seventeen.  But yet in still, even during that very sad time in my life, I realized that I was blessed to have my father as an integral part of my life for almost eighteen years. I realized this since there were some who never knew their father, knew their father, but no interaction or their father was taken at a much earlier age.  So in reflection of Father’s Day, I was tremendously blessed to have had the time with my father that I did.

When my father passed, I had several men in my life that provided support, comfort and advice not just for that moment, but throughout my life.  My uncles would collectively pick where my father left off and each contributed in their own way a piece of my dad.  Through various times in my life, they would tell me how proud my father would be of me and hopefully that is the case.  But I am here to say that without a shadow of a doubt, my dad would be proud of my uncles for taking up the slack.  So on this 40th Anniversary of Father’s Day, I sincerely say Happy Father’s Day to my uncles…..Uncle Clenon, Uncle Joe, Uncle Jay, Uncle Bo Pete, who have said on many occasions, that he considered me to be like a son.  I thank all you for your support, guidance and any contributions given to me during my life.  Of course, I wish my father-in-law Mr. Bryan a Happy Father’s Day. 

Last, but certainly not least, to my Uncle Dean who was always there regardless of the situation and although you have five marvelous children of your own, you made me feel as though I was the sixth child, but just as important as the first.  So I thank you for your love, your prayers, your unending support and just simply being the man that you are. 

In conclusion, if you are fatherless, my prayer is that you will have a man or group of men in your life to a father figure just as I have had in mine. 

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