Monday, June 25, 2012

Prez. Obama & Miami Heat, MLB, UFC 147, Victor Ortiz Results & NFL-NBA News: 6-25, Vol. 171, 2nd Edt'n

This is the day the Lord has made and I will rejoice and be glad in it! Welcome back to your Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema Gospel, I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y.!

Rich Franklin defeats
Wanderlei Silva in
UFC 147
There were eight games running the bases in National League stadiums in Major League Baseball as the Tampa Bay Rays got pass the Philadelphia Phillies 3-2, the Minnesota Twins eked out a win by one run 4-3 over the Cincinnati Reds, the Miami Marlins showed up, SHUT OUT and embarrassed the Toronto Blue Jays 9-0, the Detroit Tigers squeezed out a win against the Pittsburgh Pirates 3-2, the Cleveland Indians were pummeled by the Houston Astros 7-1 as the Astros won the series, while the San Diego Padres SHUT OUT the Seattle Mariners 2-0, the Tampa Bay Rays crushed the Philadelphia Phillies in the double-header and the New York Yankees got past the New York Mets 6-5.

Wanderlei Silva did his best against Rich Franklin in UFC 147 and rounds 1 and 2 belong to Silva, but after that it was all Franklin and he claimed the unanimous decision in the win.

Welterweight star Victor Ortiz was the heavy favorite and needed to win to set up the Saul “Canelo” Alvarez fight however comma Josesito Lopez had other plans and annulated Ortiz to the point where Ortiz’s corner called no mas, no mas before the start of the 10 round as Ortiz suffered a broken jaw and could not open his mouth.

For your 1st Segment Quick New and Notes,  a California county has surprised both the San Francisco 49ers and city of Santa Clara leaders by pulling $30 million in tax funds from the new 49ers stadium, NFL Players Association executive director DeMaurice Smith has written to Roger Goodell asking the NFL commissioner to reopen the investigation of the New Orleans Saints' bounty program, the Atlanta Hawks have offered Danny Ferry a six-year contract to become its new general manager, league sources said and finally, President Barack Obama has called Miami Heat head coach Erik Spoelstra to congratulate the team on its NBA championship.

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