Saturday, June 23, 2012

Thank God for Title IX!

Welcome to C.E.E.J.A.Y.’s Commentary Corner on featuring Spiritually Twisted Sports!  Today’s commentary is titled ‘Thank God for Title IX.’

40th Anniversary of Title IX
Our country was founded on principles of equality for all, whether you’re a man or woman, black or white or your religious beliefs.  Our constitution provided such claims.  However, there were amendments to the constitution such as the 13th Amendment that abolished slavery, the 15th Amendment provided the right to vote regardless of race, particularly for African-Americans during that era and the 19th Amendment was established to give women the right to vote.  Yes, those things were left out of the constitution which was drafted to provide equality for all.  Of course, we all know there has been tremendous progress throughout the history of our great country and we continue to make positive strides today.

Even in the world of sports, equality, by all rights, should have not been an issue…..for no one.  But of course, it was an issue for women, regardless of their ethnic background.  Women for a long time were SHUT OUT in a world dominated by men.  But that all changed  when legislation allowed for the passage of Title IX, initially sponsored and authored by Indiana Senator Birch Bayh, which was a portion of the Education Amendments of 1972 that was created to bring an end to sex discrimination in participation in any educational program or activity in which federal dollars and/or contracts were provided.  Ironically, sports was not included in the original version, but eventually migrated its way into the amendment, which was signed into law June 23, 1972 by President Richard Nixon, thus making today the 40th Anniversary of the birth of Title IX.

We all like the spectacular plays and the hard hits made on the gridiron in football, the ankle breaking or highlight reel alley oop plays on the basketball court and the double, sometimes triple play on the diamond in baseball; and as they say, chic’s dig the long ball.  But some of these plays, in my perspective, would not exist had not been for he encouragement and support, in many cases of a mother, who perhaps played sports herself because of Title IX and realized the benefits of sports and provided an opportunity for their sons to play sports, hence the sensational plays that we all have come to love so much. 

Now granted, Title IX over the years has been met with some controversial opposition due to some collegiate men’s programs being sacrificed. But without Title IX, we would not have some of phenomenal plays that the ladies bring to the sports world that we witness today.  For instance, without Title IX we would not have the Women of the WNBA balling on the basketball court.  Without Title IX, we would not have the likes of Dania Patrick challenging the men of NASCAR week in and week out. Without Title IX, we would not have the awesome assists by Norte Dame’s Skylar Diggins and not to mention; Nikki and Renee running things on the basketball court themselves.  Without Title IX, we would not have the daring dunks by Baylor’s Brittney Grinner.  Without Title IX, we would not have Cat Oysterman throwing fast balls and no hitters in softball. Without Title IX, we would not have the legendary Pat Summit.  Without Title IX, we would not have the likes of Kim Jones, Flo Jo and countless others blazing in track and field. Without Title IX, we would not have gotten the chance to relish in the terrific tennis of Venus and Serena Williams. Without Title IX, we would not have the ravishing Robin Roberts who has transcended from world of sports to become the best news anchor Period. Without Title IX, you fill in the blank.  

So as we celebrate the 40th Anniversary of Title IX, please do forget the countless contributions that women have brought to us through the world of sports and let’s continue to celebrate their achievements on and off the field of play and Thank God for Title IX.

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