Friday, July 13, 2012

Friday the 13th, NFL News w/ Junior Seau, Olympics w/ China Made Uniforms & PGA Scores: 7/13, Vol. 185, 2nd Edt'n

Today is Friday, the 13th, but trip and don’t fret, because God did not bless you with the spirit of fear!  Holla like you know you know me! Welcome back to your Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema Gospel, I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y.

American Olympic uniforms
made in China!?
The PGA kicked off their John Deere Classic at TPC Deere Run yesterday and Troy Matteson is the early leader on the board with a 10 under par followed by Ricky Barnes with a 7 under par and there were a host of golfers, seven to be exact tied for third.
For your London Summer Olympic News, Michael Phelps has talked with Tyler Clary after his Olympic teammate questioned his work ethic and isn't worried about what anyone says, American track star Michael Johnson brought the Olympic flame to Stonehenge on Thursday, holding the torch aloft as the sun's rays ricocheted off the glowing stones, every country competing at the London Games will include female athletes for the first time in Olympic history after Saudi Arabia agreed Thursday to send two women to compete in judo and track and field, British lawmakers clamored for an explanation Thursday about why the military needs to field more troops to protect the Olympics after a private security contractor that was paid millions to do that failed to recruit enough staff. And finally, in one of the biggest, what were they thinking questions? When the Americans take to the field for the Summer Olympics in their red, white, and blue…the uniforms, were not made in America, they were made in China!  What were they thinking?  Huh?!
For your NFL Quick Hits, the Houston Texans quarterback Matt Schaub received the green light to move forward with preparation of the upcoming season after recovering from a Lisfranc injury, Junior Seau's family has donated some of his brain tissue for research amid questions about whether damage from his football career contributed to his decision to commit suicide, officials said Thursday, the Cleveland Browns selected former Baylor wide receiver Josh Gordon in the second round of the supplemental draft on Thursday, Pittsburgh Steelers linebacker Larry Foote claims he is the victim of a scheme to defraud him out of more than $400,000 after a bogus valet service, and finally, Terrell Owens reportedly is in more hot water AGAIN over his late child support payments and is $20,000 behind on the payments and could face jail time. Wow…..No tickie, not laundry…..huh?!
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