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NBA w/ Dennis Rodman & Rules Change, USA Basketball & MLB Scores & Steve Graban Steps Down: 7/20, Vol. 190, 1st Edt'n

            When people say you can't, remember, He can! When you don't know what to do, please remember….He has the master plan! He will free you from your sin and give you peace within; so hold your head up high ‘cause you're gonna win!  Good morning and welcome back to Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema Gospel Radio better than when you it yesterday, I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y!  Let’s Get It Stared!

Dennis Rodman meets
father after 42 years
There were six games on the diamond in the American League in Major League Baseball last night as the New York Yankees was defeated by the Oakland A’s 4-3 as Yonis Cepedes went yard, the Tampa Bay Rays SHUT OUT and blasted the Cleveland Indians 6 to nothing as Marc Price won his 13th game and the first to do so in the AL, the LA Angels were crushed by the Detroit Tigers 5-1 as Miguel Cabrera belted his 21st homerun along with 9 strikeouts from Max Scherzer, while the Baltimore Orioles eked out a one run win against the Minnesota Twins 4-3 as Mark Reynolds’ 2 run single helped the cause, the Seattle Mariners pummeled the Kansas City Royals 6-1 with a homer from Jesus Montero and the Chicago White Sox was defeated by the Boston Red Sox 3-1 off of Cody Ross or should I say Cody Rose’ walk off 3 run homer to seal the deal.
The men for USA Basketball were back in tune-up, exhibition action as they faced off against Luol Deng and his Great Britain team as the Coach K mixed up the lineup by inserting Deron Williams and taking out Carmelo Anthony however comma both players benefited as Team USA built a 40 point lead primarily with their defense and went on manhandle Great Britain as Melo and Williams each poured in 19 points apiece.
In sporting news, longtime and very influential member of Penn State’s Board of Trustees, Steve Graban have succumbed to the pressure from his fellow board members to step down.  The board, still fuming over the fact Graban didn’t notify them of the Jerry Sandusky investigation in April of 2011, could have done something back then so they wouldn’t be in the position they are in now.  Graban wrote a letter to Chairwoman Karen Peetz that read in part “it is clear to me that my presence on the board has become a distraction and an impediment to your efforts to move forward.”
For your NBA Quick Dribbles, the ongoing saga surrounding Dwight Howard have reached new levels of ridiculous as I reported yesterday, sources close to Howard indicated that if traded to the LA Lakers, he would indeed sign a long term extension, and yet another twist, with Dan Fegan his agent, in his ear, stated Howard would not sign and long term extension and indeed will test the free agency market.  Of course, Fegan would stand to make more cash if Howard signed as a free agent….but we all know, it’s not about the money.  Nonetheless comma I digress as the Boston Celtics are close to acquiring free-agent shooting guard Courtney Lee in a sign-and-trade deal with the Houston Rockets, according to a league source, and speaking of the Rockets, newly re-acquired point guard Jeremy Lin was introduced and in joining the Rockets, Lin stated “it’s a huge blessing”, Oklahoma City Thunder center Kendrick Perkins had surgery for a ligament tear in his left wrist,  free-agent center Ryan Hollins agreed to a one-year deal with the Los Angeles Clippers on Thursday, according to his agent Todd Ramasar,  the Chicago Bulls have signed Vladimir Radmanovic to a one-year deal, the team announced Thursday, NBA Commissioner David Stern announced a few rules changes that include at any point in the game, officials can now check video replay on all flagrant fouls, officials now can use video replay in the final two minutes of overtime to decide whether a defender was in or out of the restricted area around the basket on charge and blocking fouls, replay also can be used for goaltending calls in the late stages of games as well, in addition, the league is looking to add possibly $100 million in revenue by permitting small advertising patches on uniforms starting in the 2013-14 season and finally, after 42 years, 29 children by 16 mothers, Dennis Rodman and his estranged father Philander, finally met in the Philippines.  16, 29……O. M. G.  Enough said period.
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