Thursday, August 16, 2012

Melky Cabrera, King Felix, US Soccer Defeats Mexico, NBA w/ Andrew Bynum, Post Olympics & AL-MLB Scores: 8/16, Vol. 209, 1st Edition

Hello Fear, before you sit down there's something I need to explain, since you're here I think I should tell you since we last talked things have changed.  See I'm tired of being broken-hearted, so I made a list and you're on it, all my hopes and my dreams you took from me….I want those back before you leave!  Good morning and welcome back to Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema on Gospel Radio better than when you it yesterday, I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y!  Let’s Get It Started!

King Felix tosses Seattle Mariners
1st perfect game!
There were a plethora of games on the diamond yesterday in Major League Baseball as I kick off the scores in the American League as the Detroit Tigers hammered the Minnesota Twins 5-1 as Miguel Cabrera became the 1st player in Tigers history to reach 30 homeruns in five consecutive seasons, the Tampa Bay Rays were SHUT OUT against the Seattle Mariners 1-0 as King Felix pitched a perfect game, the first in Mariners history and the 23rd in history of the game, the Texas Rangers lost 3-2 to the New York Yankees, the Boston Red Sox lost to the Baltimore Orioles 5-3, while the Chicago White Sox blasted the Toronto Blue Jays 9-5 behind Adam Dunn’s 34th homer, the Oakland A’s were defeated by the Kansas City Royals 3-2 and the Cleveland Indians were pummeled by the LA Angels 8-4 as Mike Trout belted his 22nd homer.
Let the celebration begin after
the US beat Mexico in Mexico
It has been 75 long years since the United States won a soccer game in Mexico, but that changed after a 1-0 win against Mexico, they shocked everyone including themselves.
Testosterone is all the rage these days and after batting .346, 11 homeruns and 60 RBI’s, it has cost first year San Francisco Giants All Star outfielder Melky Cabrera a 50 game suspension in line with Major League Baseball’s drug policy.  Cabrera who helped the National League secure home field advantage in last month’s All Star win stated “my positive test was the result of my use of a substance I should not have used, I accept my suspension under the Joint Drug Program and I will try to move on with my life. I am deeply sorry for my mistake and I apologize to my teammates, to the San Francisco Giants organization and to the fans for letting them down.”
For your post London Olympic News, Olympic champion Ryan Lochte is testing the TV waters outside a pool as he will make a cameo appearance on the CW network show “90210 and will play a guest at a resort, thousands of Olympians have returned to their homelands since the London Games ended, but more than a dozen African competitors have not.  Some athletes from impoverished or conflict-ridden nations including Cameroon, Eritrea, Guinea and the Ivory Coast had disappeared from the athletes' village, and their whereabouts remain a mystery and a few of them vanished prior to the closing ceremony, and finally, the head of the international badminton federation says the playing-to-lose scandal that led to eight players being disqualified from the London Olympics was only a "hiccup" that should not reflect badly on the sport in the long term.....well, who knew there was an international badminton federation…..huh!?
For your NBA Quick Dribbles, the Philadelphia 76er’s officially introduced former LA Lakers center Andrew Bynum to an open to the public press conference and Bynum was enthused with his initial experience that he hinted on staying with the organization since he only has one year left on his contract, and oh, in an afterthought, shooting guard Jason Richardson was also introduced, Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose is back on a basketball court as he rehabs from knee surgery, and Rose said his recovery is two or three weeks ahead of schedule, and finally, the Phoenix Suns have officially signed 16-year NBA veteran Jermaine O'Neal and the length of the contract wasn't disclosed.
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