Tuesday, October 9, 2012

666th Monday Night Football & ALDS Scores & NBA News w/ Deron Williams & Disney: 10/9, Vol. 244, 1st Edt'n

            I Love You Jesus and I worship and adore You. Just want to tell, Lord, I Love You more than anything!  Good morning and welcome back to your Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema on Gospel Radio better than when you heard it yesterday! I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y!  Let’s Get It Started!

Adrian Foster broke tackles and
left the Jets on the runway on the
way to 152 yards
The 666th Monday Night Football was displayed on the Grid Iron last night as the Houston Texans, who have never defeated the New York Jets, took their 4-0 record on the road and Texans had it going on both sides of the ball as the defense sacked Mark Sanchez 3 times and intercepted him twice and the offense was stellar as well as Adrian Foster carried the rock for 152 breaking tackles yards and a score as the Texans remained undefeated as the ran over the Jets 23-17.

The American League Playoffs continued last night in the ALDS as the Baltimore Orioles eked out the one run win against the New York Yankees as the O’s tie up the series 1 game apiece.

For your NBA Quick Dribbles, Deron Williams told New York reporters Monday that Cuban's absence from the Mavs' free-agency pitch to the All-Star point guard "of course" impacted Williams' decision to re-sign with the Brooklyn Nets as the Mavs sent head coach Rick Carlisle and others as Cuban was unavailable due to the taping of Shark Tank, the defending NBA champions Miami Heat arrived in China for a two game pre-season trip, Royce White finally got to focus on basketball Monday, joining the Houston Rockets after he missed the first week of training camp as Royce and the team formed a long-term plan for his anxiety issues and will take a bus to some of the Rockets road games, Los Angeles Lakers forward Jordan Hill was diagnosed with a herniated disk in his back and will be re-evaluated in a week, and finally, top draft pick Anthony Davis and former #1 choices LeBron James and Dwight Howard are featured in a program detailing life as an NBA rookie and Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, LA Clippers teammates Chris Paul and Blake Griffin, and a number of other top players are included in "My Life as an NBA Rookie," debuting October 29 on Disney XD.

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