Friday, November 16, 2012

Thursday Night Football, NBA & NCAAB Scores, NFL w/ Brian Urlacher & Jim Harbaugh: 11/16, Vol. 272, 1st Edt'n

Hello God, here I am again, thanking you for bringing me through another week unscathed and unharmed.  I pray to You my God that you provide a blessing to those who are homeless and disenfranchised and bless them with shelter that they can peacefully lay their head. This prayer I pray in the name of Jesus…..Amen.  Good morning and welcome back to your Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema on Gospel Radio better than when you heard it yesterday!  I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y!  It’s Game Time!

Poor Miami...well, at least they
                  have South Beach!
          The Grid Iron was on and popping on Thursday Night Football last night between two teams that have stellar records as they are both are under .500 with no hope for the playoffs as the Buffalo Bills went fishing with the Miami Dolphins as Leodis McKelvin kicked off the game with a 79 TD punt return as the Bills struck first, but the Dolphins answered the bell as Marcus Thigpen had a 96 yard kickoff return and the Bills held the 19-7 lead going into halftime.  In the 2nd half, the Dolphins kept the Bills from scoring anymore points but only could muster 7 more points themselves as the Bills got the win over the Dolphins 19-14 as they used a plethora of field goals.  

After the come from behind win
                 against the Spurs, the Knicks are 6-0
          The National Basketball Association had three games on the schedule last night as the Brooklyn Nets got past the Boston Celtics 102-97 for their 4th straight win as Brook Lopez and Deron Williams each had 24 points, the New York Knicks rallied past the San Antonio Spurs 104-100 with 25 points from Raymond Felton as the Knicks are the lone undefeated team in The Association and the defending champion Miami Heat got back in the win column with a 98-93 win over the Denver Nuggets as LeBron James had a double-double of 27 points and 12 rebounds.

North Carolina high stepped
               to a win over Virginia 37-13
          There was more Grid Iron action this time college football as the ACC showcased two teams as North Carolina demolished Virginia 37-13 as Byrn Renner had it going on with 315 passing yards and not one, not two, but three TD’s and his receiver Quinshad Davis had 178 of those yards and in the Southland Conference, Southeast Louisiana totally outmuscled and totally outplayed Nicholls State 35-16 as Rasheed Harrell had 2 TD’s.

For your NFL Quick Hits, San Francisco 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh was sent to the hospital Thursday for a "minor procedure" after doctors discovered he had an irregular heartbeat and the organization insist that it’s not a major concern, professional football can evolve into a safer game without sacrificing the physical play, or some would say, violence,  that has made it so popular, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said in a speech on player safety at the Harvard School of Public Health on Thursday, Denver Broncos linebacker Von Miller was fined $21,000 for his low hit on Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton, Robert Griffin III made his debut as an NFL captain with typical RG3 flair, wearing mismatched shoes, saying he's "even hungrier" following a few days off,  and finally, Chicago Bears linebacker Brian Urlacher reiterated Thursday that he would lie to cover up a concussion, and he questioned the NFL's concern in regard to knee injuries due to legal blocks below the waist.  It sounds like you should question yourself on why you would lie about a brain injury so you can put yourself in more danger….wow.

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