Monday, December 24, 2012

NFL Round 2 & Men & Women's College Basketball Scores: 12/24 - Vol. 295 - 2nd Edition

            I’m thankful for those things that I went through, cause if I never had to cry at night, then I wouldn't know you like I do!  Welcome back to your Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema Gospel Radio, I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y.

Russell Wilson was simply amazing
                 the 2nd time around against the 49ers
Round II of your NFL scores featured some spankings however comma I digress as overtime was needed for the New Orleans Saints to shine off the star of the Dallas Cowboys 34-31 as Drew Brees put a hole in the atmosphere with 446 passing yards and not one, not two, but three TD’s, the Green Bay Packers literally spanked the Tennessee Titans 55-7 with Aaron Rodgers getting air for 342 yards and not one, not two, but three TD’s, the Indianapolis Colts clinched a playoff spot by defeating the Kansas City Chiefs 20-13 as Andrew Luck had 205 passing yards and a score as he also set the rookie passing record, the Miami Dolphins got not one, not two….you guessed it, but three TD’s from Reggie Bush as the Dolphins buffaloed the Bills 24-10, the San Diego Chargers grounded the New York Jets 27-17 as the Chargers defense sacked Greg McElroy 11 times….ouch, while the Washington Redskins celebrated the return of RG3 who tossed the rock for 198 yards and 2 TD’s as they edged the Philadelphia Eagles 27-20, the Cincinnati Bengals pulled a 2 for 1 as they secured a playoff berth for themselves and then knock out the Pittsburgh Steelers from playoff contention with a 13-10 win as Leon Hall scored the only Bengals touchdown off a 17 yard interception and San Francisco 49ers were literally smoked, literally smothered and literally smacked, Alliteration, I Love It, upside the head by the Seattle Seahawks 42-13 as Marshawn Lynch rushed for 111 ground pounding yards and a score and quarterback Russell Wilson had count ‘em uno, dos, tres, quarto, I’m bi-lingual….huh, TD’s.

Mark Lyons led the
               Wildcats over the Hurricanes
Men’s College Basketball had two ranked games yesterday as 4th ranked Arizona clobbered Miami of Florida 69-50 as Mark Lyons led with 19 points and 18th ranked San Diego State blasted Indiana State 62-55 as Jamaal Franklin had a big man’s double-double with 19 points and 15 rebounds and the ladies in Women’s College Basketball had one ranked game in action as 11th ranked Penn State just simply embarrassed N.J.I.T. 82-37 with 21 points from Maggie Lucas and Alex Bentley was a thief as she racked up a career tying 8 steals.

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