Monday, December 17, 2012

Round 2 NFL, Men's & Womens College Basketball Scores & NBA News w/ Joe Pryzbilla: 12/17 - Vol. 290 - 2nd Edition

            Take me to the King, I don’t have much to bring, my heart and soul in pieces is my offering!  Welcome back to your Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema Gospel Radio, I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y.!

Colin Kaepernick of the 49ers
             outplayed Tom Brady of the Patriots

Round 2 scores in the National Football League was just as exciting as Round I, so without further ado, here we go!  Who Dat Nation and the New Orleans Saints stifled, stumped, suffocated and SHUT OUT the Tampa Bay Bucs 41 – 0, 41 – ZIP, 41 – ZILCH as Drew Brees had 307 passing yards and count ‘em, uno, dos, tres, quarto TD’s, the Miami Dolphins annihilated the Jacksonville Jaguars 24-3 with 221 yards from quarterback Ryan Tannehill and 2 TD’s, the Green Bay Packers secured the NFL North title as they trapped the Chicago Bears 21-13 as Aaron Rodgers had 291 yards and not one, not two, but three TD’s, no RG3, no problem as rookie quarterback Kirk Cousins stepped in and amassed 329 passing  yards and 2 TD’s as the Washington Redskins sent the Cleveland Browns back to the doghouse 31-28, Adrian ‘All Day’ Peterson had 212 ground pounding yards and a score as the Minnesota Vikings powered past the St. Louis Rams 36-22, while the New York ‘Football’ Giants were pasted, pummeled, pulverized and also SHUT OUT by the Atlanta Falcons 34 – 0, 34 -  NOTHING, 34 – NADA, NADA, NADA as Matt tossed the rock for 270 yards and not one, not two….you guessed it, three TD’s and the New England Patriots mounted a major comeback with 28 unanswered points against the San Francisco 49ers in Sunday Night Football, but the 49er’s stopped the onslaught with a TD and field late in the game to give them the 41-34 victory as Colin Kaepernick tossed for the 216 yards and count ‘em uno, dos, tres, quarto TD’s.

Brandon Paul got his game on
                 against Eastern Kentucky
Men’s College Basketball had two ranked games yesterday as 10th ranked Illinois trounced Eastern Kentucky 66-53 with Brandon Paul scoring 17 points and 24th ranked Oklahoma State demolished Central Arkansas 93-61 Le’Bryan Nash poured in 19 points.

Georgia got the big win
                 against Lispcomb
There were several ranked games in Women’s College Basketball as I run down the top five as 6th ranked Georgia dominated Lispcomb 93-42, 11th ranked Penn State needed a strong 2nd half to pull away from San Diego State 60-50, 13th ranked Tennessee lassoed 18th ranked Texas 94-74, while 12th ranked Oklahoma was UPSET and stunned by unranked Vanderbilt 76-63 and 14th ranked UCLA avoided a major upset as they get the one point win over unranked St. John’s 53-52.

            For your NBA Quick Dribbles, Milwaukee Bucks center Joel Przybilla has been suspended one game without pay for throwing a basketball that hit a referee during a game against the Los Angeles Clippers and the New Orleans Hornets have signed forward Dominic McGuire to shore up their frontcourt in the absence of Jason Smith, who is out with a right shoulder injury.

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