Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Marathon Prayer, NBA & MLB (AL) Scores, Quick News & Notes Feat. T-Mac & Pat Summerall: 4/17 - 1st Edition - Vol. 346

             Lord I stretch my hands to Thee, no other help I know; if Thou remove Thyself from me, where would I go? Lord I’m coming to You now bowed head and humble heart, thanking You for Your name because it is worthy to be praised.  I pray of Father God that You touch every life that was affected in the Boston Marathon; I ask you to bless those lives of Father God that were lost, bless the lives of Father God that are recuperating from their injuries, and bless the lives of Father God of those who responded; touch the lives of everyone affected oh Gracious God and heal the land.  Bless Your name oh Father God because You are God and God all by Yourself….in the name of Jesus I pray, Amen.  Good morning and welcome to your Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema Gospel Radio, I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y. 

Caron Butler notched 
22 points in the win
over the Trailblazers
The National Basketball Association only had three games on the second to the last day of the regular season as the Toronto Raptors played liked they are headed to playoff as they dominated the Atlanta Hawks 113-96 as DeMar DeRozen lit up the scoreboard with 30 points, the LA Clippers simply manhandled the Portland Trailblazers 93-77 as Caron Butler poured in 22 points and the Boston Celtics and Indiana Pacers game was canceled due to the unfortunate bombing at the Boston Marathon.

The Eastern Conference playoff picture is set in the NBA as the defending champion Miami Heat have home-court advantage throughout the playoff will match up against the Milwaukee Bucks, the New York Knicks have the 2nd seed and battle the Boston Celtics, the Indiana Pacers are the 3rd seed and will play the Atlanta Hawks, while the Brooklyn Nets secured the 4th seed and are pitted against the Chicago Bulls.

The Western Conference picture is still being painted down to the very last day of games on tonight, but the OKC Thunder have secured the top seed and thus obtained home-court advantage and once the games are settled tonight, we will know who they will face and if the Utah Jazz or my LA Lakers secure a playoff berth and if the Lakers get in, they will either be the 7th or 8th seed and that will also determine where the Houston Rockets settle.

A message from an Indians fan
to the people of Boston
Major League Baseball had a plethora of games yesterday as I run down the American League games with the Houston Astros losing to the Oakland A’s 4-3, the Detroit Tigers evaporated the Seattle Mariners 6-2, the Tampa Bay Rays were defeated by the Baltimore Orioles 5-4 with a homer from Matt Wieters, the Boston Red Sox pounded the Cleveland Indians 7-2 as they scored 7 runs in the 2nd inning, while the Chicago White Sox swing past the Toronto Blue Jays 4-3 as Paul Konerko homered and the LA Angels were outplayed by the Minnesota Twins 8-6 with 4 hits and 3 RBI’s from Joe Mauer and there was one Interleague game in an American League stadium as the Arizona Diamondbacks lost to the New York Yankees 4-2 thanks in part to Robinson Cano’s home run.

Pat Summerall
            For your 1st Segment Quick News & Notes, to honor Boston, the New York Yankees played the Fenway Park traditional song, "Sweet Caroline," following the third inning of Tuesday night's game at Yankee Stadium and also held a moment of silence to honor the victims of the explosions during Monday's Boston Marathon, after delivering the details on 16 Super Bowls, the Masters and the U.S. Open tennis tournament, Pat Summerall, who was John Madden’s partner in the booth, passed away on Tuesday at the age 82 of cardiac arrest, the NHL is in the final planning stages of its much-anticipated series of outdoor stadium games next season with six outdoor contests set to take place in football and baseball stadiums across North America, a 33 year old Tracy McGrady is joining the San Antonio Spurs and will be eligible to play for the Spurs during the playoffs because he was not on an NBA roster as of March 1, California's Keenan Allen, the No. 1-rated wide receiver on some teams' boards, was red-flagged for a drug test at the scouting combine in Indianapolis and ordered to undergo another test this month, and finally, Milwaukee Brewers pitcher Yovani Gallardo was arrested and charged with drunken driving Tuesday after authorities say he was traveling on a city highway near Miller Park with a blood-alcohol content nearly three times the legal limit.

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