Wednesday, May 1, 2013

MLB (NL) Scores, Quick News w/ Vijay Singh & Joe Gibbs Racing & My Take On The Jason Collins Story

That pain that would not move, had me praying in the upper room.  That burden that I bore, had me wondering how much more?  So I gave it over to Jesus and I stopped worrying about it….I gave it over to the Lord and He worked it out! Welcome back to your Spiritual Sports Segment on Rhema Gospel Radio, I’m C.E.E.J.A.Y.

The Padres celebrate 1 of 3 homers
against the Cubs
The National League in Major League Baseball were running the bases last night as the Pittsburgh Pirates belted out 4 total homers but was still dominated by the Milwaukee Brewers 12-8 with 3 total homers, the defending champions San Francisco Giants edged out the Arizona Diamondbacks 2-1 behind Pablo Sandoval’s home-run in the 9th, the Colorado Rockies were rocked by the LA Dodgers 6-2 with a homer from Carlos Gonzalez, the Washington Nationals were hammered by the Atlanta Braves 8-1 with homers from Tim Hudson and Andrelton Simmons, while the New York Mets lost 2-1 to the Miami Marlins after they rallied in the 9th, the San Diego Padres literally smacked the Chicago Cubs upside the head 13-7 as the Padres slammed 3 total homers and the Cincinnati Reds lost 2-1 to the St. Louis Cardinals as Matt Holiday went yard.

Vijay Singh will not punished
for using deer antler spray
For your 2nd Segment Quick News & Notes, Vijay Singh, who earlier this year admitted to taking a banned substance, will not face any sanctions after the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) determined that the use of deer antler spray is no longer considered prohibitive, The National Stock Car Racing panel will hear on May 8 the Joe Gibbs Racing appeal of penalties on Matt Kenseth's Sprint Cup team, light heavyweight titleholder Bernard Hopkins' first defense, which will come against mandatory challenger Karo Murat of Germany, will take place July 13 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, NY, and finally, William J. Smith, who is a former Southeast Missouri State University women's basketball coach and current coach at a northeast Kansas community college was arraigned Tuesday in a multistate car theft conspiracy and is charged with one count of conspiracy and three counts each of mail fraud and receipt of a stolen motor vehicle and not guilty pleas were entered on his behalf during his arraignment in federal court in St. Louis.

The Celebration of any person
who accepts Christ
And finally, you probably have heard by now that NBA veteran Jason Collins announced to the world on Monday that he is gay and thus became the first active male athlete in the four major sports to make such proclamation.  Since then, many have applauded and celebrated Collins’ courage, bravery and strength and publically supported his decision and it was at that time the news of the day and now the news of the week and perhaps the top news of the year.  Well, let me give you the greatest news of your lifetime: Jesus went to Calvary to save a wretch like you and me, but that’s not how the story end because three days later he rose again and anytime a person gives their life to Christ, they too should applauded and celebrated for making the best decision of their lifetime.

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