Thursday, September 15, 2016

ESPN's Get Up & Get Down League Fantasy Football Wrap Up Show Week I

After a loooong hiatus, Cee Jay Sports is back on you internet radio waves as I usually Sprinkle a Little Spirituality in Your Sports, but for the next several weeks, I will Sprinkle a Little Fantasy in your Football!  I’m your little brother that you wished you had so without further delay, Le' Go!

A few weeks ago, my boy Mike invited me to join his Fantasy Football League as they were in a little bit of a pinch and my first question to him was…..’what do I do’? Listen family I had no clue, but I joined anyway! The ESPN Fantasy Football League is managed by Ted and is called Get Up and Get Down League.

Before I run off the scores from Week 1, let me introduce the teams in the Get Up and Get Down League. Kicking it off with the League Manager is Ted and his Team Davis, my invitee Mike and his World Champion Ruthless Rams and his partner in life as in his wife Robin with her RS Eagles. Next, we have Kerry’s team called Wham Bam Thank You Cam, followed by Big Boss AJ owned by, you guessed it AJ, then we have Team X Gon’ Give It To Ya’ owned by Xavier, followed by Jamel Hawk owned by Quintin and Henry’s team is Team Louboutin, coming in next is Team Perez, Jr owned by Carlos and last but definitely not least, yours truly with my Fearless Ballers!

Kicking off Week 1 Scores, we had some close calls, some nail bitters and one good ‘ole fashion spanking and a comeback for the ages as Big Boss AJ simply crushed RS Eagles 123.5 to 104 with running back David Johnson pouring in 21 points, Team Davis squeaked out a victory over Team Perez 106 -103 as wide receiver Brandin Cooks put in work with 30 points, in one of the improbable comebacks in league history (maybe, I don’t know) X Gon’ Give It To Ya was down 60 points heading into the Monday night game against Jamel Hawk, but came roaring back and tied the match up 156 all, the World Champion Ruthless Rams got 46 big ones from quarterback Andrew Luck to get pass Team Louboutin 100 – 96.5 and wrapping up the scores, Wham Bam Thank You Cam lost by 6 to Fearless Ballers 112 – 106 with running back C. J Anderson running for 29 points.

If Week 2 is anything like Week 1, we are going to have a foot stomping good time. Tune in next week to the Fantasy Football Wrap Up with the Get Up and Get Down League hosted by yours truly, Cee Jay, where I Sprinkle A Little Fantasy in your Football!

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