Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ESPN's Get Up & Get Down League Fantasy Football Weekly Wrap Up Show - Week 5

Finally it’s that time of day to block out the noise and adjust your volume as I welcome you back to your Weekly Wrap Up Show on Cee Jay Sports where I Sprinkle a Little Fantasy in your Football. I’m Cee Jay, C-E-E-J-A-Y….your uncle, your nephew, your next door…your shoulder when you need to lean! Without further delay, Come Ride Along on this Fantasy Train!

Week 5 in the Get Up and Get Down League pitted the lone two undefeated teams against one another as Spirit Animal and the Fearless Ballers put their spotless records on the line! Of course, Tom Brady made his return to Big Boss AJ’s team but was it enough as kick off your Week 5 scores!?!?

Jamel Hawk couldn’t get past I’m Going In and lost 101.5 – 93.5 with Andy Dalton aka Red Rifle putting up 27 points, while Wham Bam Thank You Cam kept the RS Eagles winless with a score of 122.5 – 117.5 as Ezekiel Elliot put in work with 30.5 points, the aforementioned Tom Brady’s return wasn’t enough for Big Boss AJ as he lost to Team Persia 153 – 141.5 with 40 from Ben Roethlisberger, meanwhile, X Gon’ Give It To Ya gave it to The World Champion Ruthless Rams and won with a score of 102 – 91 with 27 points from Aaron Rodgers and lastly, the epic battle of the two undefeated teams as the Fearless Ballers was down 31.5 points going into the Monday Night Game against Spirit Animal and needed Greg Olson to come through, but fell just a weeee bit short as Spirit Animal remained undefeated by getting past the Fearless Ballers 131.5 – 122.5 with 36 point Big Ones from Philip Rivers.

Now that we are in the meat of the schedule, here are the Week 5 Standings in the East as Spirit Animal leads them all at 5-0, the Fearless Ballers dropped to 4-1, while Wham Bam Thank You Cam! and I’m Going In both are 2-3 and the RS Eagles are 0-5. In the West, it’s a log jam as Big Boss AJ, Team Persia and Jamel Hawk are all tied at 3-2, while X Gon’ Give It To Ya are 2-3 and The World Champion Ruthless Rams are 1-4.

The moment your ears have been waiting for! Drum roll please! Matt Ryan is holding on to the top spot in Your Top Five Fantasy Football League Scoring Leaders for Week 5 with 119 points, Ben Roethlisberger comes in 2nd with 110 points, coming in 3rd with 100 points on the dot is Derek Carr, Andrew Luck is new to the party with 95 points and another newbie is David Johnson rounding out the Top Five with 92 points.

Tune in next week to the Fantasy Football Wrap Up with the Get Up and Get Down League hosted by yours truly, Cee Jay C-E-E-J-A-Y, where I Sprinkle A Little Fantasy in your Football!

And I leave you with this by Winston Churchill: “The positive thinker sees the invisible, feels the intangible and achieves the impossible”. Holla!

Now it’s time to pay some bills even though I’m not making any money! Musical credits for the Wrap UP Show are as follows:

Background music of Déjà vu Uptown Baby brought to you by DJ Masters United & Hip Hop Beats, X Gon Give It To Ya the clean version by emirkan, I’m Going In by Lil Wayne feat. Drake and 911 Is A Joke by Public Enemy (not really) for the sole purpose of Get Up & Get Down.

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