Tuesday, November 29, 2016

ESPN's Get Up & Get Down League Fantasy Football Wrap Up Show for Week 12!

Good Morning, Good Afternoon or Good Evening! Whichever time of day you find your ears listening to the sound that is flowing from your speakers! Welcome back to your Weekly Wrap Up Show on Cee Jay Sports where I Sprinkle a Little Fantasy in your Football. I’m Cee Jay, C-E-E-J-A-Y…. your uncle, your nephew, your next door neighbor looking out for you! Your shoulder when you need to lean! Enough of the pleasantries, Come Roll With Me!

The playoff picture in the Get Up & Get Down League is starting to take shape in Week 12 with one left as I kick scores as Spirit Animal was wrestled down by Wham, Bam, Thank You Cam! 122.5 – 109 and suffered his third loss of the season as Michael Thomas notched 26.5 points, Jamel Hawk dominated, decimated and demolished, Alliteration, I Love It the World Champion Ruthless Rams 133 – 96 with 42 Big Ones from Drew Brees, while the RS Eagles were rounded up by I’m Going In 119.5 – 85.5 as Antonio Brown twerked his way to 29.5 points, Big Boss AJ dropped kick X Gon Give It Ya 127 – 95 as Tom Brady put up 26 points and finally, my Fearless Ballers can’t get back to consecutive wins as another L was put up as Team Persia held me off 104.5 – 92 with Big Ben garnishing 27 points.

The Week 12 standings in the Get Up & Get Down League in the East still has Spirit Animal atop of the mountain at 7-3, while the Wham, Bam, Thank You Cam! and the Fearless Ballers are both 6-6 and number 2 and 3 respectively, I’m Going In is 4-8 and the RS Eagles are 1-11. In the West, Big Boss AJ reign supreme at 9-3, while number 2 and 3 are held down by Jamel Hawk and Team Persia who both are 8-4, while X Gon Give It To Ya is 6-6 and pulling up the rear is the World Champion Ruthless Rams.

Drum roll please! The Top Five Scoring Leaders in Fantasy Football as Drew Brees said move get out of my way as he landed in the #1 spot with 334 points, Aaron Rodgers dropped to the 2nd spot with 327 points, while Matt Ryan stayed steady with 303 points in the 3rd spot, in the 4th spot is Marcus Mariota with 297 points and crashing the Top 5 Party is Mr. You Like That himself as Kirk Cousins have amassed 276 points.

And finally, prepare yourself for a phenomenal Christmas musical production ‘The Great Exchange’ presented by Exalted Arts and directed by the talented Cynthia Garcia and hosted by yours truly at the historic Deluxe Theater in Houston, TX from December 15th – 18th.  Make sure to follow them on Twitter at ExaltedArtsUSA and on via Periscope as I will broadcast live the pre & post show and live Tweet during the production with the #LoveLight. For more information, go to their Facebook page at Exalted Arts Theatre Company.

Now it’s time to pay some bills even though I’m not making any money! Musical credits for the Wrap UP Show are as follows:

Background music of T. I.’s Whatever You Like brought to you by Future Pop Stars of America, X Gon Give It To Ya the clean version by emirkan, I’m Going In by Lil Wayne feat. Drake, baby crying brought to you by T-Pain and 911 Is A Joke(not really) by Public Enemy for the sole purpose of Get Up & Get Down.

Tune in next week to the Fantasy Football Wrap Up Show with the Get Up and Get Down League hosted by yours truly, Cee Jay C-E-E-J-A-Y, where I Sprinkle A Little Fantasy in your Football!

And I leave you with this from with a little twist from Mr. Joseph: Your perspective is half the battle. The soldier said “Sir, we are surrounded”! The Major said, “Good! Now we can attack from any direction”! If you didn’t get, it’ll hit you on the way home! Holla! 

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