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NBA Western Conference Finals Feat. Scores, Stats, News, Big Momma & Special Birthday Shout! May 21, 2017: Vol. II, 24th Edition

O God my Father, there is no shadow of turning with Thee; Thou changest not, Thy compassions, they fail not; as Thou hast been Thou forever will be. Great is Thy faithfulness! A little old school for ya!

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening! Whichever time of day you find your ears listening to the sound that is flowing from your speakers! Welcome back to CeeJay’s Spiritual Sports Segment NBA Edition for the playoffs on where I Sprinkle a Little Spiritually in your Sports! I’m Cee Jay, C-E-E-J-A-Y! your uncle, your next door neighbor looking out for ya and your shoulder, when you need to lean! Without further delay, Let’s Roll!!!

Durant taking Gason to school!
Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals popped off again last night without Kahwi Leonard, star of the San Antonio Spurs as they searched their first win of this series against the Golden State Warriors and it was the Spurs that came out inspired as they were very competitive and outscored the Warriors 33 – 29 in the 1st frame as the Spurs matched a postseason high in points in a period. But the Warriors reversed the course in the 2nd quarter and outscored the Spurs and the Warriors took a 64 – 55 lead into halftime. When the 2nd half commenced, the Spurs were without their backup power forward in David Lee as he injured his leg on a play in the 1st half as the game was a little tighter, but the Warriors had too much firepower with 55% shooting from the field and 41% from downtown as they put it in cruise control and coasted to a 120 – 108 victory as Kevin Durant had a sizzling 33 points and 12 rebounds for a double-double and Steph Curry finished with 21 and snatched 6 steals as he became the franchise leader in postseason points surpassing Hall of Famer Rick Barry with 1,774 points. Game 4 will be back in San Antonio on Monday night as the Spurs will put up another inspiring effort to avoid being swept.

Enis Kanter arrived in London en route
to the United States after being detained
For your Quick News & Notes, Isaiah Thomas, star point guard for the Boston Celtics, who re-aggravated a hip injury in Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Finals, has been shut down for the remainder of the series, after the above mentioned game, the Spurs David Lee received confirmation that he partially tore his left patella tendon and is done for the rest of the playoff season and finally, because of his outspoken political views on his country in Turkey, Enis Kanter, center for the Oklahoma City Thunder, had his passport canceled by his home country and was not allowed into Romania and detained for several hours. But with some phone calls from the league office and a little this and a little of that, Kanter is on his way back to the good ole US of A. As somebody’s Big Momma would say, gone and sit down somewhere, go head…go and sit down somewhere!

Happy Birthday!!!
This sports segment is dedicated to one of my favorite clients and most definitely my friend as Suzanne Chadwell celebrates the day she was birthed into this world. Happy Birthday Suzanne! I hope that your birthday is filled with pure joy and God’s Blessing this day and days yet to come! Happy Birthday and have a phenomenal day!

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