Wednesday, May 10, 2017

NBA Takeover Playoff Edition Feat. Scores, News & ZO2's & You Name It Remix! Notes & An Encouraging Word! May 10, 2017: Vol. II, 15th Edition

For Your glory, I will do anything. Just to see You, To behold You as my King!!

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening! Whichever time of day you find your ears listening to the sound that is flowing from your speakers! Welcome back to CeeJay’s Spiritual Sports Segment NBA Edition on where I Sprinkle a Little Spiritually in your Sports! I’m Cee Jay, C-E-E-J-A-Y! your uncle, your next door neighbor looking out for ya and your shoulder, when you need to lean! Without further delay, Let’s Giddy Up!!

Manu came up with a BIG TIME
block on Harden
There was only one game on tap last night and it played out in the last remaining Western Conference Semifinal series as the Houston Rockets journeyed back up I-10 West albeit via private jet, to face off against the San Antonio Spurs in a pivotal Game 5. The game was pretty much tight throughout the contest and so tight that overtime was needed to decipher an ultimate winner. But Kahwi Leonard wouldn’t play a part in the overtime session as he sprained his ankle in the second half and finished with 22 points and 15 rebounds for a double-double and Danny Green had to carry the Spurs in OT as he scored 7 of the Spurs 9 points and 39 year old Manu Ginobili came up with huge block, which was a potential game tying three point attempt against James Harden, to secure the win 110 – 107 as the Spurs now go back to Houston for Game 6. Just as a side note, the Rockets have lost four consecutive best of seven series when tied two games apiece.

Remix of what I can buy
for $495 #UNameIt
For News & Notes, the face of the Utah Jazz in Gordon Hayward, who can opt out of the last year of his contract to become an unrestricted free agent or resign with the Jazz, hasn’t given much thought about the subject and wanted to spend some with his family before deciding on what the next chapter will be for him and finally, LaVar Ball, outspoken father of Lonzo Ball, who could be the #1 pick in the NBA Draft, quipped when Shannon Sharpe, co-host of Fox Sports 1’s “Undisputed”, that Michael Jordan couldn’t command a selling price of $495 for shoes, the elder Ball agreed and stated “Because he ain't Lonzo Ball, that's why”! Welp, during my show last week I told you what I could buy for $495 and in case you missed it, let me tell you again what I can buy for $495……beans, I do like lima beans…..greens, collard greens they good…..potatoes, tomatoes…..potatoes, yes, tomatoes ehhhhh…..lamb, rams….I do like lamb and the only ram I know about was in the bush! Hogs, no swine at any time! What else can I buy for $495? Dogs, chicken, turkeys, rabbits….You Name It! Reeeeeemix! I crack myself up!

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