Wednesday, October 18, 2017

NBA Kick Off For The 2017 - 18 Season Feat. Scores, Highlights, An Encouraging Word & Some Old School! Vol. 2, 30th Edition

You are Alpha & Omega, we worship You our Lord, You are worthy to be praised! We give you all the glory, we worship You our Lord, You are worthy to be praised!

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening! Whichever time of day you find your ears listening to the sound that is flowing from your speakers! Welcome back to CeeJay’s Spiritual Sports Segment featuring the NBA Kick Off Edition on where I Sprinkle a Little Spiritually in your Sports! I’m Cee Jay, C-E-E-J-A-Y! Your uncle, your next door neighbor looking out for ya and your shoulder, when you need to lean! Without further delay, Let’s Tip Off!!!

The 1st meeting between
LeBron & Kyrie
The 2017 – 18 NBA season tipped off last night to what should be an exciting season as only four teams were on the hard court as the new look Boston Celtics traveled to the defending Eastern Conference Champions in the Cleveland Cavaliers! The home crowd didn’t have any love lost for Kyrie Irvin who requested a trade and found himself in Celtic green going against his former team. With Boston holding an early 12 – 9 lead at the 6:49 mark, the prized free agent jewel for the Celtics in Gordon Hayward, went up for an ally oop, but came down awkwardly and suffered a horrific injury that resulted in a fractured tibia and dislocated ankle on his left leg that left his teammates and Cavs players alike in total shock. Prayers up Gordon! As you can imagine, it would not only be a line up adjustment for the Celtics, but also an emotional and mental one as they found themselves down 54 – 38 at halftime. But in the 3rd quarter, the Celtic Pride battled back and was only down by one at the conclusion of that frame and midway through the 4th, the Celtics garnished their first lead since the 1st, but eventually, the Cavs flexed their muscles and took the lead back late in the frame and maintained it for the win. LeBron James nearly had a triple-double with 29 points, 16 rebounds and 9 assists and Dwayne Wade logged 8 points in his debut with his third team as the Cavs win their home opener 102 – 99.

James Harden spoiled
the Warriors Championship night
The Warriors 2016 -17
Championship Ring
Jet setting over to the West Coast as the new look Houston Rockets had to witness the Golden State Warriors receive what they are chasing, their Championship Rings for the 2017 season. But it’s a new season, but early on, it was the same ole Warriors as they came out to play and were up early 22 – 9, but the Rockets blast back and were only down by 1 at the end of the 1st and by halftime, the Warriors would lead 72 – 61. Not much would change in the 3rd quarter as the Warriors would lead 101 – 88, but one major change did occur as Draymond Green, the reigning Defensive Player of Year, who nearly finished with a triple-double with 9 points, 13 assists and 11 rebounds, would exit the game with a sprained left knee and would not return and that changed the complexion of the game. By the closing seconds of the final frame, the Rockets had tied the game 121 all and with a baseline swish from Kevin Durant as time expired, the Warriors thought they had staved off a lost. In the words of Lee Corso, not so fast my friend as the time showed he did not get the shot off and James Harden, who finished with a double-double with 27 points and 10 dimes, eventually sealed the deal with a trey as the Rockets spoil the Warriors ring ceremony with a slim 122 – 121 win as newly acquired Rocket Chris Paul, sat the bench during the final minutes with a sore knee finished with 4 points and 11 assists.

This sports segment is dedicated to my shipmate Randy Smith from our chance meeting en route to the Persian Gulf back in the day as I had lay down an old school New York hip hop beat with a little praise on top!

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