Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Game 4's: Eastern & Western Conference Semi's For May 6th Feat. The Bucks, The Rockets & Worth Saving!

You thought I was worth saving, so you came and changed my life! So I can be free, so I can be whole, so I can tell everyone I know!

This is Cee Jay, C-E-E-J-A-Y! and this is your Spiritual Sports Segment with a hip hop twist, for The Playoffs in the NBA on ceejaysports.com as I Sprinkle a Little Spiritually in YOUR Sports!!! Come Get Some!!!

Giannis had his way with Horford
and everyone else in a Celtics uni
The Playoffs in the NBA kept rolling, rolling, rolling last night with a double header as we kick it off with the Eastern Conference Semi as the Boston Celtics were looking to avoid going in the NBA’s version of the Black Hole, down 1 – 3 against the Milwaukee Bucks. The C’s raced out of the gate with a 30 – 22 lead at the end of the 1st, but the Bucks responded in the 2nd and erased the 8 point deficit to only trail by 2 at the half. Despite the Celtics having all their starters in double figures, the Bucks bench crushed the Celtics bench 32 – 7 and not to mention, Giannis did what Giannis does and was absolutely stellar and the Celtics did not have an answer for him as he cut up the C’s for 39 Greek Freak points and 16 Big Boy rebounds as the Bucks cruised to a victory over the Celtics 113 – 101 as the Bucks take commanding 3 – 1 series lead.

James Harden continues
to keep the pressure on
the Warriors
In the Western Conference Semi in H-Town, the Golden State Warriors were looking to put Game 3 against the Houston Rockets in the rear-view mirror and take a game on Rockets’ home court, but had to put in some work to do so. The Warriors outpaced the Rockets in the 1st and received much needed offense from Steph Curry, who finished the game with 30 points and 8 assists, but the Rockets were resilient as they led 61 – 54 at the half. The Rockets, late in the 4th were up by 9 before the Warriors reeled off 7 straight points that was wrapped up by a Curry 3 that inched the Warriors within 110 – 108. But with 1 – 2 free throws made from James Harden, who finished the game with 38 scorching points and 10 rebounds for a double-double and a missed three by Kevin Durant, the Rockets breathed a sigh of relief and sealed the deal with the 112 – 108 win as they knotted the series 2 – 2.

For your Quick NBA News & Notes, Boston Celtics feisty guard Marcus Smart, who has missed all the games in the playoffs, due to tearing a muscle in his side, played last night and scored 3 points and doled out 2 assists.

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