Monday, April 15, 2019

NBA First Round Playoff Games For Sunday, April 14, 2019!!!

You woke me up this morning and you started me on my way! You put food on my table you brought joy to my day! I’m glad your love has never changed and Wonderful, Wonderful, Wonderful is your name!

Good morning, good afternoon or good evening! Whichever time of day you find your ears listening to the sound that is flowing from your speakers! Welcome back to CeeJay’s Spiritual Sports Segment with a hip hop twist, NBA Edition for The Playoffs on where I Sprinkle a Little Spiritually in your Sports! I’m Cee Jay, C-E-E-J-A-Y! your uncle, your next door neighbor looking out for ya and your shoulder, when you need to lean! Without further delay, Let’s Ride!!!

Kyrie and his acrobatics!!
The second day of game ones in the NBA Playoffs was on tap yesterday between two teams from the East and two teams from the West as each team look to either take home-court advantage or maintain home-court advantage. We kick off the first game that featured the 4th seeded Boston Celtics against the 5th seeded Indiana Pacers and as the cheerleaders in high school used to chant, U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi, you ugly! Well, this game was ugly as the Pacers only scored a total of eight points in the 3rd period, something yours truly, who didn’t play basketball could have done. But I digress as Kyrie Irving and Marcus Morris, SR each chipped in 20 points and Irving contributed a game high of seven assists as the Celtics take Game 1 84 – 74.

It Was Dame Time!!!
The second game on Palm Sunday pitted the 3rd seeded Portland Trailblazers against the 6th seeded Oklahoma City Thunder as the Blazers came out blazing with 39 points in the 1st period, but they lowered the temp on the thermostat and cooled down in the 2nd with only 15 points as the Thunder struck lightening in a bottle and cut the lead to 6 by halftime. But the Blazers did just enough to get past the Thunder 104 – 99 despite Russell Westbrook’s triple double as Damian Lilliard notched 30 points and Enis Kanter was like Dottie Peoples hit song as he showed up & showed out with 20 points and 18 big boy rebounds.

Giannis dominated & there
was no comparison
The third game of the day really wasn’t a game as it was made more challenging as the 8th seeded Detroit Pistons were without their leading scorer with 24.5 points per game in Blake Griffin as they faced off against the #1 seed Milwaukee Bucks and The Greek Freak Giannis Antetokounmpo showed no mercy with a double-double of 24 points and 17 big time rebounds as the Bucks witnessed six players scoring in double figure digits as the Bucks crushed the Pistons 121 - 86.

It your thang James,
do what you wanna do!
The last game of the night featured the 4th seeded Houston Rockets against the 5th seeded Utah Jazz as the Jazz kind of kept pace with the Rockets for the first three periods. But in the 4th, the Rockets wanted the their presence to be felt as the poured in 39 points and went on to paste, pummel and pulverize, Alliteration, I Love It, the Jazz 122 – 90 as James Harden did his thing with 29 and passed out 10 dimes while the entire Rockets starting lineup scored at least 10 points.

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