Monday, April 29, 2019

Round 2 Of Eastern & Western Conferences NBA Playoffs on Monday, April 29th Feat. The Philadelphia 76er's & Denver Nuggets!

No matter how great and no matter how small! My God, my God is the Master of them all! So guess what I did??? I put all in His hands, yes! I put it all in His hands!

This is Cee Jay, C-E-E-J-A-Y! and this is your Spiritual Sports Segment with a hip hop twist, for The Playoffs in the NBA on as I Sprinkle a Little Spiritually in YOUR Sports!!! It’s Go Time!!!

Coach Brown stated that Jimmy
was the adult in the gym with 30
A pair of second round games marched on last night like Joshua marched around Jericho as Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semi’s continued with the Philadelphia 76ers’ trying to even up the series against the Toronto Raptors and it was the tale of two halves! The 76er’s did not resemble the same team in the first game and raced to a 51 – 38 half time lead. But in the second half, the dinosaurs of Canada dusted off their fossils and woke up as Kawhi Leonard netted 35 and the Raptors won the second half, but couldn’t make up the difference and the rebound differential was a major factor as the 76er’s out rebounded the Raptors by 17 and the 76er’s got the win 94 – 89 to even up the series 1 – 1 as Jimmy “Buckets” Butler put in work and tallied 30 points and 11 boards for a double-double and tossed out 5 assists and the 76er’s knotted their first win at Toronto since November 10, 2012. Goooooonight!

Jokic does what Jokic does
and netted 37
Merriam-Webster’s definition of a nugget is a native lump of precious metal and the Denver Nuggets wanted to avoid a lumpy start against the Portland Trailblazers as they kicked off Game 1 of their Western Conference semi-final. This game was tightly contested throughout as both teams scored 32 in the 1st period as Enes Kanter did in fact return to the lineup after separating his left shoulder against the Thunder in the first series, but the Nuggets did just a smidget more and led by 3 at the half. But in the second, the Nuggets were trying to protect their lead like it was a piece of precious metal and try to contain the dominate Damian Lillard, but that would prove to be difficult as he went off for 39! The Nuggets likewise had a dominate weapon in Nikola Jokic who nearly matched Dame’s total with 37 points of his own and Jamal Murray contributed 23 as the Nuggets protect their precious metal with the 121 – 113 victory to lead the series 1 – 0.

For your NBA Quick News & Notes, after the Golden State Warriors and Houston Rockets Game 1 one took over talk shows because of the officiating and varying opinions of foul calls and the lack of calls, one thing was for sure, the fine of $35,000 on Chris Paul’s pocket as he bumped a ref protesting a call that wasn’t called.

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