Tuesday, June 11, 2019

NBA Finals Game 5 For June 10th Featuring The Raptors vs The Warriors, Kevin Durant Out, Two NBA Legends & We Must Praise!!!

If I were an eagle, I would use my wings. Since I'm a believer, I use everything! Make a joyful noise unto the Lord all ye people. No matter who or what we are, we must praise!!! 

This is Cee Jay, C-E-E-J-A-Y! and this is your Spiritual Sports Segment with a hip hop twist, for The Finals in the NBA on ceejaysports.com as I Sprinkle a Little Spiritually in YOUR Sports!!! Le’ Go!!!

Durant getting jiggy with it
prior to Game 5
There was plenty of drama as you already know that went down in Game 5 in Toronto as the NBA Finals played out as the Golden State Warriors were trying to prevent the Raptors from winning their first title! The first piece of drama came before the tip as the Grim Reaper aka Kevin Durant made his triumphant return after suffering a calf strain over a month ago was getting his grove on prior to the game and was looking good! And when the game tipped off Durant went off as he was three for three from three, Alliteration, I Love It, in his short bursts on the court as Durant scored 11 points in 12 minutes and Steph Curry was cooking as well with 14 in the 1st as the Warriors jumped out to a 34 – 28 lead.

Durant suffers an Achilles
injury early in the 2nd
The second piece of drama came at the 9:49 mark in the 2nd period as Durant was backing down Serge Ibaka and then the worse outcome of his triumphant return occurred as Durant went down again and this time, it is an Achilles injury and a MRI later today will reveal to what extent. The Raptors fans initially cheered when he did go down but the Raptors players did their best to discourage them. The Warriors had to regroup emotionally and DeMarcus Cousins provided a boost with 7 points in the 2nd period as both teams scored 28 as the Warriors took a 62 – 56 lead into the half. 

Curry cooked with 31 points
in the pot!
The 3rd frame was kind of sloppy as both teams went 17 of 38 from the field as Fred VanFleet kept the Raptors afloat as he scored 9 of his 11 points in said frame as both clubs yet again scored the same amount of points of 22 as the Warriors kept their lead 84 – 78. The Raptors misfired from the three point line BIGTIME as they only converted 25% while the Warriors converted 46% from the arc and they outscored the Raptors by 36 from the three point line. The 4th quarter got off to a sluggish start before Kawhi Leonard scored 10 consecutive points as he finished with a double-double with 26 points and 12 boards and became the 6th player to score 700 points in a single postseason. After the scoring flurry, the Raptors were up 103 – 97 and the Raptors head coach Nick Nurse called a timeout to give his guys a rest. Buuuuuut after that timeout, the Warriors went on a 9 – 2 run, which included going 3 for 3 from 3 in 2:45 by the Splash Brothers as Klay Thompson finished with 26 points, 6 rebounds and 4 assists and Curry poured in 31 points, 8 boards and 7 assists. With less than 15 seconds left in the game and the Raptors with the ball, coach Nurse decides not to take a timeout as the defense collapsed on Kawhi, who passed to Kyle Lowry, who missed a Draymond Green contested three and the Warriors survive with the 106 – 105 win as series shifts back to Oakland at The Oracle for Game 6 on Thursday night.

After 18 great seasons, Tony Parker
hangs 'em up
For your Quick NBA News & Notes, longtime San Antonio Spurs champion, who played last season with the Charlotte Hornets, point guard Tony Parker will retire at the age of 37 after 18 seasons and lastly, recently retired NBA star Dwayne Wade, received the Magic Johnson award for the player who best combines excellence on the basketball court with cooperation and dignity in dealing with the media and the public.

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