Wednesday, October 23, 2019

NBA Season Kick Off Featuring The Raptors, Pelicans, Lakers & Clippers With Scores, Stats & An Encouraging Word!

Peace, Love & Joy is what you give & your brand new mercies each and every day gives me reasons to live. Your abundant and inexhaustible amount of grace, gives me confidence that I can conquer anything in any space! Joseph Inspiration

This is Cee Jay, C-E-E-J-A-Y! and this is your Spiritual Sports Segment with a hip hop twist as I  as I kick off a brand new season in the NBA on as I Sprinkle a Little Spiritually in YOUR Sports!!! Le’ Go!!!

The 2019 NBA season kicked off last night with two featured games on the hardcourt and a handful of gold, diamonds and rubies OH MY! As We The North aka Toronto Raptors received their 2018-19 championship rings and they were the largest NBA championship rings every produced ! Dare I say bling, bling, bling! 

But I digress, as the Raptors opened the season against the Zion-less New Orleans Pelicans and their deep bench as the Pelicans were running laps around the Raptors and by the half, the Pelicans lead 61 – 56. But in the 2nd half, the Raptors regrouped and dominated the 3rd and at the end of regulation, tied the game to send it to OT and from there, the Raptors exhibited championship pedigree and outscored the Pelicans 13 – 5 to notch the first win of the NBA season as Fred Van Fleet scored a career high of 34 net scorching points and the newly minted $130 million dollar man in Pascal Siakim, dominated with  a double-double of 34 points and 18 Big Boy Rebounds as the Raptors sealed the deal 130 – 122.

The second game of the night takes us to California as my LA Lakers took on the new look LA Clippers for the Battle of LA! The Lakers came out in the 1st with a purpose and edged out the Clips, but the in the 2nd, the Clippers and their version of the Terminator aka Khawi Leonard, bamboozled the Lakers by outpacing them by 11 to take a 62 – 54 lead into the half. The Lakers regrouped on account of the hot hand of Danny Green and his team high of 25 points in the 3rd, but the Clips clamped down on D and won the first Battle of LA 112 – 102 as Leonard filled the basket with a team high of 30 points and the Clippers bench was nothing shy of stellar and walloped the Lakers bench 60 – 19! Ouch.

For your NBA News & Notes, as the fallout from Daryl Morey’s tweet continues and tensions between the NBA and China still exists, Chinese state television did not air the NBA's opening night games Tuesday as they usually do, and the league's streaming partner, Tencent, reduced its schedule and showed just the Lakers-Clippers contest and finally, California prosecutors announced Tuesday that they won't charge Toronto Raptors president Masai Ujiri for shoving a sheriff's deputy after the deciding game of the NBA Finals in Oakland in June.

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